Firexo 2 Litre Extinguishers - Duo Pack

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Introducing Firexo 2 Litre Extinguishers - Duo Pack

Firexo ALL FIRES 2 Litre red fire extinguisher (Duo Pack), for ALL fire classes: A, B, C, D, Electrical, F & Lithium-ion Battery Fires. All the fire safety equipment you need in one compact extinguisher. Perfect for your vehicle, caravan, home, garage, shed or office. The safest product to have at hand in the event of a fire. Great for indoors and outdoor use in the events of an emergency with NO Confusion in ANY fire emergency situation.

More environmentally friendly. Made with natural ingredients and, unlike powder fire extinguishers, is safe, non-toxic and biodegradable.

Suitable for

Home, Small Office


EN3 Certified and CE Marked


13A / 34B / C / D (magnesium) / E (electric) / F / Li-ion Battery


5 years



Trusted by Professionals

Firexo extinguishers have unique speed and retardancy capabilities which diminish the time taken to eliminate a fire when compared with other traditional methods, and greatly reduces the chance of reignition.

These key factors allow users to feel safe in the knowledge that the extinguisher they use will not exacerbate the fire and can effectively buy valuable time to prevent damage or more importantly to enable safe evacuation. 

A Must Have Safety Tool

A fire extinguisher is an essential safety tool that can help prevent small fires from spreading and potentially causing serious damage or injury.

Owning a fire extinguisher can give you peace of mind knowing that you have a way to quickly and effectively address a fire emergency if one should arise.

Avoid confusion and harm

The all-in-one nature of Firexo removes the uncertainty and confusion of which type of extinguisher to use on different types of fire.

The incredible speed of extinguishing reduces likelihood of injury, minimises unnecessary damage to property and most importantly helps save lives.


Firexo's unique liquid formula is made of natural ingredients and is non-toxic, biodegradable and environmentally friendly.

The extinguishers are manufactured in fully recyclable containers with minimum plastic usage with recycled aluminium design.

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