To protect people and property from the devastating effects of fire

How it all started

Years of Research

Firexo was launched in 2018 after years of research to develop a revolutionary all-in-one fire extinguishing solution to help remove unnecessary choice at the point of a fire emergency.

The unique patented formula in Firexo extinguishers has been rigorously tested by independent bodies to international standards and proven to work on all fire types.

Why choose Firexo?

Trusted by Professionals

Firexo extinguishers have unique speed and retardancy capabilities which diminish the time taken to eliminate a fire when compared with other traditional methods, and greatly reduces the chance of reignition.

These key factors allow users to feel safe in the knowledge that the extinguisher they use will not exacerbate the fire and can effectively buy valuable time to prevent damage or more importantly to enable safe evacuation. 

Available worldwide

Globally Recognized

We have since blended 100's of tonnes of our unique patented formula and developed a wide range of safe, effective and accessible products for home, business and commercial use.

Firexo products are available in over 20 countries through hundreds of retailers and distributors worldwide. Contact us and we can help you find your nearest stockist, or buy directly from us through our website!

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Designed in the UK

Products designed and developed in the United Kingdom to international compliance

Quality assured

All products rigourously checked before shipping to ensure quality, reliability and safety.

Leading Innovation

Continuous innovation and research into how to keep you safe today and tomorrow.