How retailers can take a stand in the fight against fire

How retailers can take a stand in the fight against fire


Our homes are our castles, sanctuaries and happy places. Yet, what happens if disaster strikes? When fire breaks out it’s our memories, years of investment and priceless heirlooms that go up in smoke. And it’s more common than you think. Domestic fires continue to be a common occurrence – in fact there were more than 37,700 throughout Great Britain during 2017/18. Yet, the public remains largely unequipped to tackle fires in their own homes. Most have little or no fire protection equipment at all.

Picture the scenario of having to stand and watch the damage unfold as you wait for the fire brigade to arrive to put out a blaze that could have been stopped in its tracks with a small fire extinguisher. All the while the fire services continue to suffer from cuts. It is clear that the time has come for cultural and societal change.

In Sweden it’s the law that every home must have a fire extinguisher. In the UK it seems we are nowhere near adopting a similar approach to fire safety. However, until it’s the law, retailers are in a position of responsibility to make a difference and be the frontrunner for change – and that’s exactly what Firexo is calling on them to do!

It is abundantly clear that there is an urgent need for fire extinguishers to be present in every home up and down the country. With more than 27 million homes in the UK, the gap in the market for retail profit is huge, but so is the current risk of devastating damage.

The public needs to be equipped with better knowledge and awareness of how to tackle small fires, when safe to do so, before they escalate and become unmanageable. However, this will only happen if the cause for change gains momentum, and the equipment needed is made readily available. Yet, if one enters most supermarkets and household goods retailers, these products aren’t always prominent, if present at all.

There is currently a lack of availability of easy-to-use fire extinguishers, and retailers should be looking to take on the responsibility of making these products widely accessible– helping to protect homes and consumers from fire. This gap in the market needs to be filled now, and retailers should take the opportunity to position themselves as the frontrunners to implement this necessary change in attitude towards fire safety in the homes.

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