Firexo Celebrates their First Birthday with Bonfire Night

Firexo Celebrates their First Birthday with Bonfire Night

Bonfire night

Remember, remember – it’s almost the fifth of November! With bonfire night around the corner, Firexo, the firefighting game changers, are celebrating their first anniversary. To celebrate Firexo have come up with their top five tips on how to have the best and safest bonfire night fun whilst making sure Guy Fawkes is the only thing going up in flames!

Top tips:

  • Light up your night – one sparkler at a time! Did you know that if three sparklers burn together, they will do so at the same heat used to join metal? So, unless you want to make your own blowtorch, it’s probably best that you stick to lighting one at a time!
  • Steer clear whenever a firework is near – Ensure that you have bought the right category of fireworks for the size of your space (Category 2 fireworks are also known as “garden” fireworks). Allow plenty of distance between yourself and the display – you definitely don’t want to get up close and personal!
  • Be prepared for emergencies! During events like bonfire night it’s essential to plan for every possible outcome – including the worst! Keep a bucket of water handy to use if a bonfire gets out of control, or to store used fireworks until they are cooled down enough to put safely in the bin. To ensure you are extra safe the Firexo 6L extinguisher will put out any fire that gets out of control.
  • (Don’t) relight my fire! If you light a firework fuse and it doesn’t work – DO NOT attempt to relight it! The firework may or may not still explode, so it’s best to leave it (if possible, overnight) in case there’s any life in it. This is one of the most fundamental safety tips. It can be frustrating when you don’t get the most bang for your buck – but it’s never worth the risk!
  • Remember – bonfire night is fun! The rules and regulations may make putting a firework display on seem pretty daunting. Always remember that these measures are in place to keep you safe – not to put you off from having a good time! Firework-related accidents are rare, so as long as you’ve taken all the essential safety precautions, you’re good to light up the sky this November!

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